06 June 2011

Bethel Southlake moves to Colleyville and becomes Bethel Methodist Church of North Texas

Nearly 5 years after moving from Irving to Southlake, the Bethel Methodist Church of North Texas moved to a new temporary location at 1901 Industrial Blvd in Colleyville, Texas, 76034. In a process that took most of three days, church volunteers finished packing boxes Wednesday night and unpacked them as they arrived at the new location Thursday morning. Unpacking and setup took most of Thursday and all of Friday. A large turnout of volunteers set up the congregational seating and sanctuary decorations on Saturday.

By Saturday evening, the sound system, instruments, platform furnishings, chairs, tables, nursery and kitchen were all ready. Sunday morning between Sunday school and worship, the church enjoyed a brief fellowship with a continental breakfast. The morning service was well-attended and heard a wonderful message from Rev. Curtis Morton on Our Charge to Keep. And despite the open ‘industrial’ ceiling, the main sanctuary hall has far better acoustics which enhanced the congregational singing and instrumental music. The new worship space is a large square hall oriented on a 45-degree bias with a 36’ radius platform in one corner. Arranging congregational seating, greenery and platform furnishings including a new organ was a challenge but it all came together fairly well.The Colleyville location has several additional rooms and a large storage closet next to the platform. The extra rooms will allow the Sunday school classes and nursery some much-needed space along with extra room for fellowships and choir practice. And for the first time in nearly 5 years, the church finally has a full kitchen again.

All the areas will likely need additional cleanup, paint and other work but we are all very grateful for this new start in Colleyville with the space we need to resume the programs and activities for all ages that people expect from a church. Please pray that God will send hungry people to all of our churches in each of our communities and give us insight for outreach.

Plans for a church office and Pastor's study are still being considered so there is no 'church phone' yet. Please contact Rev. Curtis Morton or any other church member directly. There is nothing new to report about the Southlake property situation at this time.

Due to the uncertainties of summer vacations, VBS and Youth Camp, no formal open-house or grand opening is scheduled yet. Until then, consider yourself invited anytime!


  1. I would just like to comment that the building looks great! I pray that in the days and years to come, that this place will serve the Lord and provide the congregation true worship and spiritual rest.

    We are happy for you!

    Daryl Kirchner

  2. Looks good! Praying that God will bless His Word in the new building and beyond!